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Akiko Ueda received BA from Musashino Art University Tokyo, Japan and MA at Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels, Belgium. She was awarded multiple prizes: The Grand Prize of the 6th Haruhi Trienniale, The Uemura Prize of The Shell Art Award, The Ohara Museum of Art Prize at the Vision of Contemporary Art.

Her works balances layered narratives, subjective and fictive, with attention to detail of the natural world. Drawing from various sources spanning from literature, music or poetry to everyday encounters and curiosity, her work thematises subtle yet complex sensations and communicates them through painting these slowly emerging images. Her experiences of having lived in a multilingual and diverse cultures contributes to immersive power of her works.

And although predominantly focused on oil painting as her main medium for expression, she has also developed a practice in mediums of analogue dark-room based photography, lithography and screen print, fluidly combining and influencing their image making principles.

Recent solo exhibitions include: Yuka Tsuruno Gallery in Tokyo, 2017 and 2021; Centrale for Contemporary Art, Brussels, 2021, curated by Tania Nasielski; Husk Gallery, Brussels, 2022.
Her works has been exhibited in Japan, Belgium, France, Slovakia, Czechia and the UK and are part of public collections of Ohara Museum of Art, Kiyosu City Haruhi Museum of Art and Kitakata City Museum of Art.