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Akiko UEDA (1983, Kyoto, Japan) finished her studies of painting at Musashino Art University Tokyo in 2006 along her first solo exhibition. In 2009 she received Grand Prize of 6th Haruhi Triennial for painting “Our World Could Be Sometimes a Big Bouquet", and another work "Depth of Inner Garden" was awarded the Tamayo Uemura Prize of the Shell Art Award. Two years later Ueda was awarded with The Ohara Museum of Art Prize at the Vision of Contemporary Art (VOCA 2011). She participated in an Artist-in-Residence Program ARKO 2012 at Ohara Art Museum in Kurashiki resulting in her solo exhibition at the museum. In 2013, Ueda received a scholarship of "Paris prize", a 1-year long residency at Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, France from her alma mater. In Paris Ueda has started an ongoing collaboration project "En Route" with contemporary percussionist Naoto Yamagishi. In Europe she also took part in art symposium “On The Border" in Sumava National Park focused on connections of nature and art. Later in 2015 she was an Artist in residence at Art Center Kvilda in Czech Republic and Kitakata-city Yume Art Project in Fukushima respectively. In 2018 Ueda received a 1-year long artist scholarship from POLA ART FOUNDATION that will take place in Brussels, Belgium.

Beside Japan her works has been on group exhibitions in France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and China.
Akiko Ueda is represented by Yuka Tsuruno Gallery, Tokyo.
She lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.

Time and music, people's actions and thoughts, shifting situations, growing and then dying plants, and one's attention to the changing surroundings. These are the fluid realities one feels incessantly while living. How can an artist express such realities in painting? This is the question Ueda asks through her practice. Her paintings explore how to be a medium to capture the process and moment of a certain phenomenon transforming, and the causes of such change, instead of painting as reproduction or representation. The whole pictorial field creates fluid space-time within the picture and weaves a world of fragmentary stories. This world triggers different reveries depending on which section of the picture the viewer is focusing, evoking the ceaselessly changing world of ours.

Painting is thinking; and for Ueda it means to find out and evolve the subject out of the painting’s process as well as from imaginative force stirred by brushwork. In this sense it is impossible to separate painting and subject. In other words, for Ueda to arrive to depiction or suggest a recognizable narrative is never enough. The artist’s work becomes to capture this fluidity of thinking-painting process that evolves into the picture.

Keen observations of nature in one’s surroundings, emotion merged within deep immersion into painterly process and lessons from perceiving paintings of past masters - all these sensations fill the air by entering the painted world of Akiko Ueda.