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Akiko UEDA (1983, Kyoto, Japan) finished her sudies of painting at Musashino Art University Tokyo (2002-2006). Her first solo exhibition was held in Tokyo, while working in the city for a few years. After moving to Nagano her painting "Our world would be a big bouquet" was awarded the grand prize of 6th Haruhi Triennial, and another work "Depth of inner garden" also received the Tamayo Uemura Prize of the Shell Art Award, both in 2009. Two years later, Akiko Ueda was selected for the annual Vision of Contemporary Art ("VOCA 2011") at Ueno Royal Museum of Art in Tokyo where she was awarded with The Ohara Museum of Art Prize. In 2012, she participated in Artist-in-Residency Program ("ARKO 2012") at Ohara Art Museum in Kurashiki, along with presenting a solo exhibition at the museum. In 2013, Ueda received the artist scholarship of "Paris prize", a 1 year residency at Cité Internationale des Arts (Paris, France) from her alma mater Musashino Art University. Here, in Paris, together with contempoary musician Naoto Yamagishi she founded an ongoing collaborative project "En Route". While still in Europe, she was invited to an artist symposium "On The Border" in Sumava National Park, where her work took an inspiration from forests' wilderness. After return to Japan in 2014, she made a solo exhibition "Forests Still Be Inside of a Seed" in Heights Museum of Art in her home town of Komoro city. In 2015 she was invited by Art Center Kvilda in Czech Republic and later Kitakata-city Yume Art Project in Fukushima (Japan) for their artist residencies projects respectively. In 2016 she continues in presenting solo shows in Sujyu Gallery, Nagano and NICHE Gallery, Tokyo along several group exhibitions.

And now she is having coffee and she looks forward anew for painting..... and likes marmelade.

Akiko Ueda lives and works in Nagano, Japan.